Reiki is a Japanese form of healing therapy that uses energy to address one's concerns and help them experience healing of many kinds. If you are having issues with low energy or energy that has become blocked, then many believe that Reiki healing can help raise and unblock that energy for you. You will be able to learn more about Reiki healing below. 

What are some areas Reiki can help with?

Reiki is a type of energy therapy that many people use to see improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional selves. One example of something Reiki may be able to help with is improving your concentration, while also boosting your memory. Another example of something that Reiki may be able to help with is helping you to have more patience. This can include giving you more patience to put up with the negative energy put off by someone you have to be around physically, or even helping you have more patience to avoid angry outbursts you might suffer from. Some people also use Reiki to get relief from chronic pain. 

What are the principles of Reiki?

In order to have a better understanding of just how Reiki works, you should start by learning about the main principles of Reiki. These principles include: 

Releasing angry thoughts—It's amazing when you can release your angry thoughts and watch your life improve in so many ways. Once you let go of all that anger, you can see your relationships improve, see your career blossom, and find it easier to make new friends. 

Releasing thoughts of worry—When you release your thoughts of worry, it can help you to sleep much better, improve your concentration, help prevent anxiety attacks, and even help you to get a lot more enjoyment out of life. 

Being grateful—Inviting gratitude into your life can help to make you a much more pleasant person. You will also feel much better about your spot in life and find yourself thankful for your loved ones who you may have been taking for granted up until now. 

Being honest—When you become a more honest person, you can feel so much better as your energy becomes balanced and you start to learn more about yourself naturally. 

Being compassionate—When you become a more compassionate being, you will likely feel that compassion come back to you in many ways. This can help you to feel better spiritually, as well as emotionally and even physically. 

How is a Reiki treatment done?

Reiki is done while you lie on a table fully clothed. It can also be done while you are sitting if this is a more comfortable position for you to be in. During the treatment, a very soft touch is applied by the practitioner. They will place their hands in certain spots, such as on your head and torso. While they touch your head and torso, they will be acting as a conduit to deliver energy from the universe to help replenish and restore your own flow and balance of energy. This will help you to achieve the principles mentioned above as well.

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