Hammer toe is a condition where the toes move into a claw-like position. It is often caused by wearing the wrong type of footwear. If you have this foot problem and are looking for effective solutions, continue reading on for meaningful insights.

Exercise Toes Routinely

Hammer toe may affect a couple of toes on your feet, but this condition doesn't have to remain permanent. One of the more effective treatments is to exercise your toes routinely, getting them more flexible over time. Throughout the day, you should move your toes back and forth.

You may feel some stiffness at first, but just keep working your toes — especially the ones that are affected by hammer toe. You can grab the toes with your hands to aid these movement exercises too. Stay committed and you should be able to see some progress.

Tape up the Affected Toes

In addition to putting your toes through routine exercises to increase flexibility, you should consider taping up toes that are affected by this condition. You can do this after your exercises and that should help straighten out your toes over time.

You just need to make sure you use tape strong enough to hold your toes down for extended periods of time. Also, try to find tape that doesn't cause skin irritation. In addition, you should talk to a foot doctor to find out how to properly tape up toes affected by hammer toe. You can follow their suggestions to get better straightening results.

Make a Shoe Adjustment

The reason why you may be experiencing hammer toes to begin with is because you didn't wear the right type of shoes. They may have been too small for your feet and thus caused your toes to curl up. You can counteract this effect by making a shoe adjustment.

Find shoes that give your toes the right amount of room they need to straighten out and remain in a comfortable position. You might also consider getting a shoe recommendation from a foot doctor. They can recommend shoes that are specifically targeted to treat hammer toes over time.

Facing hammer toes can cause you pain and embarrassment, but if you take an active role in treatment, you can prevent this condition from keeping you down. You just need to try things at home and get professional treatment suggestions. Then it's just a matter of implementing what works for you and your toes. To learn more, contact a company like Ankle & Foot Specialists of Puget Sound.