Medical transportation services are often necessary because it is sometimes simply impossible to transport your loved one to the hospital using normal means. Your loved one might be bound to a stretcher, wheelchair-bound, or use a walker. Having medical staff is also necessary to make sure that medical equipment is functioning properly, to apply medical treatments when they must be applied on the flight, and to help put you at ease.

The Mode of Transportation

Emergency medical transportation services are available, but you will usually be able to save money if you rely on non-emergency medical transportation services. While they are not available in all areas, they are often found in locations near nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Even if you live in a more remote area, one mode of transportation provided is flight nurses. Nurses are trained on how to care for patients on a helicopter or plane by being educated in flight physiology. Even with non-emergency situations, you'll want to have a trained nurse on hand.

Local and International Travel

While some non-emergency medical transportation services will only transport you locally, others will transport you to another country. They will handle the booking and all other arrangements. This will involve coordinating with family members and medical professionals to make sure that your loved one has everything that he or she needs when being transported to a necessary medical appointment.

Medical Reasons for Non-Emergency Services

Your loved one may not need to be rushed to receive medical services but they might have a chronic condition that leads to them needing to be taken to the doctor frequently. Or, your loved one may have an injury that is not an emergency, but there is no safe way to travel otherwise.

Non-Medical Reasons

While you may use non-emergency services to help your loved one meet a medical appointment, many non-emergency services are for non-medical reasons such as a vacation or visiting family members overseas. Your loved one may wish to travel but is concerned about whether their health will allow it. 

There are new companies being started regularly that will provide you with medical transport services, but you'll want to choose a company that has been in business for a long time and is experienced. Fortunately, your loved one may be to use Medicaid to pay for medical transportation services, and you will save money with non-emergency medical transportation services over air ambulances.