When it comes to delivering babies, every woman has to decide which route they want to take -- either using midwives or doctors. Both present a number of benefits, and it ultimately comes down to personal choice on the matter. Before you decide, however, it is helpful to understand a few pros and cons about water birth and how a midwife can help with it. 

Pro - Less Pain In Water

One of the top reasons midwives suggest using a pool of water is the fact that you can have relief from pain by soaking in warm water. When you have a strong contraction come along, you can expect to have relief from the pain by the comfort of the warm water around you. Midwives are always there to assist during labor and can help you to feel as comfortable as possible as you welcome your new little one into the world.

Con - Chance of Infection

An ugly, yet unavoidable part of labor and being in warm water is that your bowels might open and release into the water. When this happens, midwives are able to remove any unwanted items from the pool, but this does not completely rid you of the chance of infection. Many people might find this embarrassing and choose to not use a midwife for this reason, but it is important to remember that this is a very natural process and it happens to women regularly. The pools are cleaned to the highest standards after each birth to reduce the spread of infection. 

Pro - Relaxing For All

When the mom is relaxed through contractions, it makes it a lot easier for everyone in the room as she works through her labor pains naturally. Water birth centers are always welcoming with a calm environment to keep staff and patients relaxed and comfortable. When mom is comfortable, it allows for a peaceful entrance into the world for your little one. Being in the water allows for mothers to change positions freely, while a hospital bed greatly limits your mobility. When you are in a comfortable position, you are better able to relax and allow the natural process of childbirth to happen.

Con - Emergencies Can Happen

As with any birth of a child, there is always the chance of an emergency happening. You need to discuss thoroughly with your midwives about the process to handle emergencies should they arise. Knowing what to do in different situations will help you feel more prepared and in control of your birth. Midwives are trained to handle a number of situations, but when dealing with water birth, you must be a low-risk patient.

To learn more about water birth, contact a midwife.