Allergy season can be miserable, especially when you can't get the symptoms under control. One way to get a handle on your allergies is to visit an allergist for an allergy test. An allergy test can determine the types of allergies that you're suffering from so that a customized treatment plan can be developed for you. If you're not sure that you need allergy testing, look at the list below. This information will help you determine if an allergy skin test is right for you. 

Your Symptoms are Lasting Longer

If your allergy symptoms are lasting longer than they used to, it's time for testing. Most allergy symptoms should hang on for a week or two. If the symptoms are returning month after month, with no relief, you could be experiencing chronic or acute allergies. If that's the case, you'll need professional assistance to get them under control. To develop the right treatment plan for your chronic or acute allergies, your doctor will need to know the types of allergies that you're suffering from, which will require allergy testing. 

You Haven't Identified All Your Allergens

If you thought you knew what allergies you suffer from, but new ones seem to be popping up, you need to go in for allergy testing. One of the benefits of allergy testing is that the process will identify all your known allergens, including the ones you weren't aware of. This can be particularly beneficial when you're dealing with multiple allergens. 

You've Moved to a New Location 

If you've recently moved to a new location, especially a new state, you should schedule an appointment for allergy testing. There may be new allergens in your new community that will affect you. Unfortunately, without proper allergy testing, you won't know which allergens to avoid, or what medications to take to alleviate the symptoms. Luckily, a new round of allergy testing will help you identify the new allergens you'll be exposed to now that you've moved. Not only that, but some of your known allergens might not be a problem in your new location, which means your medication will need to be adjusted. 

Your Over-the-Counter Medication Stopped Working

If you've been handling your allergy symptoms with over-the-counter medication, but it's no longer effective, you need to talk to your doctor about allergy testing. You may have allergies that aren't affected by the current over-the-counter medication that you're taking. Or, your body may have developed a resistance to the medication, which means it will no longer work to alleviate your allergy symptoms. If that's the case, an allergy test can help identify the best treatment option for you.