If you are alone and pregnant for the first time, the thought of going through this journey could be frightening. However, there are many resources available for pregnant women who need them. These resources could help improve your situation so that you can stress less and enjoy the pregnancy even more:

Apply for the WIC Program

The WIC program is available in different states across the country. It is a program designed with women and their children in mind. Even if you have not given birth yet, you may still be able to receive checks that you could use at the grocery store to purchase specific items, such as milk, cheese and vegetables. You would need to fill out an application and provide proof of income if you have a job. If approved for this program, you could start getting monthly checks for different types of food items. And, the support continues after you give birth. Staff members often provide breastfeeding support. They may allow you to use a breast pump provided by the program instead of going out to purchase an expensive one on your own. If you choose to formula feed, you may be able to get checks to help you afford the cost the formula your baby will need to grow.

Go to Your Local County Assistance Office to Get Insurance

Even if you are working, you may not have insurance. Being uninsured and pregnant is difficult because you need to see the OBGYN for routine visits to check on your health and the health of your little one throughout the pregnancy. The best thing to do if you do not have insurance is to take a trip over to the county assistance office in your area to complete an application for insurance. The process usually does not take long and you may receive a notice of approval in just a few short weeks. Once you have insurance, you can start going to appointments without worrying about the expense.

Start Seeing an OBGYN

The OBGYN provides medical care to pregnant women. He or she would be able to monitor your growing baby's heartbeat, talk to you about the symptoms you may be experiencing and provide suggestions that could work to keep you healthy throughout each trimester. The OBGYN may prescribe prenatal vitamins for you to take to help your growing baby throughout these next few months. The OBGYN is someone you can talk to about all of your pregnancy concerns while asking any questions you have.

There is support available for women who are pregnant. If you are not sure what to do next, consider going to the WIC office and the county assistance office to apply for additional help with food and insurance. Once you obtain insurance, make sure to see an OBGYN for routine visits to ensure that your pregnancy is going smoothly.

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