If you have an anal fissure, going to the bathroom may bring on excruciating pain. Although the fissure is not serious, you may wonder if there is anything you can do help relieve your symptoms and promote healing. If so, use one or more of the following natural remedies for treating your anal fissure pain at home.

Use Olive Oil Before Every Bowel Movement

Every time you go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement, inject about a tablespoon of olive oil into your rectum. The oil softens and lubricates your stool, easing its passage through the anus.

To insert the oil, purchase an oral syringe at your local pharmacy or department store. Fill the syringe, lubricate the tip, and gently insert the tip into your rectum. After injecting the oil, try to wait a few minutes to give the oil time to work.

Soak In A Sitz Bath After Going To The Bathroom

Another remedy for relieving the pain and cleansing the fissure to promote healing is to soak in a sitz bath after going to the bathroom. The warm water helps relax the muscles of the anus, relieving pressure on the fissure.

Fill your bathtub with a few inches of warm water, then sit in for about 5 to 10 minutes. When you are finished, pat the area dry. Do not rub around the fissure, as this could tear it further.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel To Your Rectum

When used either after your sitz bath or as a stand-alone treatment, applying aloe vera gel can also relieve the discomfort caused by your anal fissure. Aloe vera gel has a cooling effect and contains both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce your pain. It can also promote healing.

To apply, place a small dab of the gel on a cotton ball. Then, hold the cotton on the outside of your rectum for few minutes. When you are finished, do not wipe the area, as the residual gel will continue to bring you relief.

If your fissure extends inside the rectum, you can also insert a small amount of the gel inside. To do this, use an oral syringe as discussed in the first section.

Using the above remedies can help give you some relief while your posterior is healing. However, if you still have a lot of pain and discomfort, you may want to contact your doctor for recommendations on how to treat your anal fissure pain.

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