Choosing an ostomy bag is a very personal decision and fortunately, shopping online can often make your purchases a bit more discreet than if you were to stand in line in a brick-and-mortar store. However, if you have only recently had the surgery that prompted the need for those purchases, it's not always easy to be sure that you have chosen the most appropriate bag for your needs. Popular options include the drainable and closed pouches. Therefore, before you make a binding decision as to the type of pouch you will use in the immediate future, you should be aware of the facts discussed below about each of those common choices.

Understanding The Details Of A Closed  Pouch

The closed pouch is a good choice for anyone who prefers to know that their ostomy bag is as fresh as possible, since it needs to be changed at least once a day and some people need to change it two or three times daily. Many manufacturers produce the closed pouch and at least two of the choices on the market now can be flushed, resulting in easier cleanup and disposal. The unit itself presents with an open end and a secure closure, so that the pouch can be re-used if needed.     

However, it is important to point out that if you opt for one of the choices that aren't flushable, its care can make traveling or even spending the day away from the privacy of your own bathroom more challenging. It can also be more difficult to manage the closed pouch option if your diet or eliminations are mostly liquid, since its use is often better for persons on a solid diet.  

Considering The Use Of A Drainable Pouch

 If you consume a regular diet or a diet that permits you to eat solid foods, a drainable pouch may not be right for you, since its construction allows for more effective control of liquid waste products. When it is about half-full, it's time to remove and clean it. 

If you are still active in swimming, hiking or other activities that involve a lot of movement, a drainable pouch will be appropriate for you since it is more likely to be discreet and hygienic at all times. In addition, you might need to practice attaching and removing the clips associated with this type of ostomy bag, so that you can do so without accidentally pinching yourself or damaging the bag in the process.

In conclusion, the need for an ostomy bag is not unusual and choosing the right bag for your needs and preferences is very important. As a result, you are likely to find that the above information is quite helpful when you are shopping online for your new ostomy bag. If you've decided to buy ostomy products online, use this information as you shop.