Head lice effects as many as 12 million children every year. With such a large number of children at risk, as a parent, it becomes especially important for you to take proactive measures to protect your child. Here are just some of the things you can do to work towards this goal.

Establish A No Share Policy

Especially with younger children, sharing is common. From drinks to combs, children and their natural kind-hearted ways believe that what's theirs is everyone's. Speak with your child and tell them that it's not safe to share their combs with other children as using the comb of someone with lice is the easiest ways for your child to get head lice. If you teach them not to share these types of items, you can drastically lower their risk.

Remember To Clean

Make sure you're remembering to sterilize and clean. This becomes especially important if the school notified you that a child in the school has had head lice, even if you don't believe your child has had any contact with the child, cleaning any hats, sheets, jackets with hoods, brushes and combs your child uses can help stop an outbreak before it even begins. To stay on the safe side, make it a regular habit to clean these objects.

Keep Hair Up

When there is an active outbreak at your child's school, try to keep their hair up. For example, if your daughter typically wears her hair down, how about wearing a ponytail for a few days? Keeping the hair up does one important thing, it lessens the likelihood of the hair coming in contact with a surface that might contain lice. Try to keep the hair up until it has been confirmed that the outbreak is over.

Be Persistent

Unfortunately, when it comes to lice, there is no season. While the risk is higher when your child is around someone who is dealing with a current outbreak, a child can get lice at any time. For this reason, you have to be persistent in your efforts, as the moment you let up, the more likely your child to get head lice. Make sure you are staying aggressive in your prevention efforts to ensure your child is protected at all times.

Make sure you are working to keep your child safe from head lice. The greater your efforts, the more your child will be protected.