When babies and toddlers start the transition from breast milk or formula, they will need nutritious beverages to keep them satisfied. A visit to the pediatrician can help set a parent's mind at ease during this time when they are seeking confirmation that it's the right time. Although many families transition babies to dairy milk, the plethora of milk options that are now available may make parents think twice about relying on cow's milk. Alternative non-dairy milk can pack a big nutritional punch and provide a young, growing body with what it needs to thrive. Here's why nut milk may be terrific for your baby or toddler. 

Reason #1: They Have Plenty of Calcium

Most almond and cashew milks are fortified with calcium, and many nut milks even have more calcium than dairy milk because of this. Soy milk also has plenty of calcium, and since it has plant estrogen, which may help your body digest the calcium more easily.

Reason #2: They Taste Delicious

It's a good idea to give your toddler nut milk with meals because they taste good, and that offers them a big incentive to stay hydrated throughout a meal. The nutritional density of nut milk can ensure that young kids get some vitamins in even when they're chowing down on more indulgent foods like pasta or pizza. Meanwhile, nut milks like almond milk or cashew milk will taste so good that young kids will think they're enjoying a treat.

Reason #3: They Are Good On Their Own, Not as a Dairy Replacement

Although many people thought that toddlers needed milk for many years, the truth is that kids do not necessarily need dairy milk or milk of any kind as long as they have a healthy diet. That said, both dairy milk and nut milk can be healthy as part of a kid's balanced diet.

Reason #4: They Are Lower in Calories

When compared with dairy milk, most nut milks are considerably less in calories. That can fill up a toddler without supply excess calories. While no toddler should be counting calories, childhood obesity is on the rise. Taking a look at where nutrition and calories are coming into a child's diet is a good idea when parents are planning what to feed their kids.

Finally, keep in mind that you should consult your pediatrician before making major changes to the diet of your baby or toddler. You may ask for advice or insight into which choice may be best for your child's specific needs. Each child is unique, and nut milks are a smart choice for most growing kids.