High blood pressure is considered a major risk factor for heart disease, which is a leading cause of death within the United States. And while prescribed medication is a popular method of treating high blood pressure levels, it isn't the only option available nor is it always the most healthy or effective. Before agreeing to take medication your doctor prescribes, try one or more of the following methods to naturally lower your blood pressure levels and increase your health overall:

Commit to Chiropractic Care

Having your chiropractor give you an atlas adjustment regularly can help to significantly lower your blood pressure levels. In fact, the procedure has been shown to have the same effect of two powerful blood pressure medications when combined. An atlas adjustment involves realigning the C-1 vertebra, which sits at the top of the spine and holds the head up. The small adjustment made by your chiropractor will optimize blood flow throughout the body while minimizing pressure of the flow. Regular back and neck adjustments also naturally optimize blood pressure levels, so consider having a full body treatment when visiting your chiropractor.  

Take Multiple Daily Walks

There isn't a need to schedule long workout sessions on a daily basis to keep blood pressure levels on an even keel. Instead take a ten minute walk three times a day and you'll likely reduce your systolic blood pressure levels, and therefore your need for medication. You also don't have to go out of your way to get a few good walks in throughout the day – walk around the parking lot on your way into the grocery store, take a stroll around the block during your lunch break, walk around the block with family or friends after dinner.

Settle Your Mind with Some Meditation

Regular meditation practice has the ability to naturally reduce stress and blood pressure levels as well as the many side effects that are typically associated with high blood pressure such as chest pain, lethargy, nose bleeds, and buzzing in the ears. You don't have to become a meditation guru in order to benefit from its health effects, you just have to spend a few minutes a day clearing your mind and practicing the act of lowering your heart rate as well as relaxing the mind. You should find that even five minutes of meditation in the morning helps to lift your spirits, invoke a good mood, and optimize blood pressure levels for the day.

Make Intentional Food Choices

Every meal you eat has a significant impact on your heart health and your blood pressure levels, so it's important to make intentional food choices every time you plan a meal. While there is nothing wrong with having a fast food meal while on the go once in a while, or enjoying a slice of chocolate cake during a special occasion, the basis of your diet should consist of heart-healthy choices in order to naturally keep your blood pressure down to normal levels. A heart-healthy diet is low in sodium, sugar, and saturated fat yet rich in a variety of interesting options including:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole Grains (Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Bread and Pasta)
  • Low-Fat and Fat-Free Milk as well as Nut Milks
  • Skinless Meats and Poultry
  • Fish Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It's also important to skip soda, wine, and other calorie-laden refreshments in favor of water, at least most of the time. Drinking about 96 ounces of water every day on average can lower high blood pressure levels and help keep them low. Drink more water when exercising, less if you're just hanging out for the day.

These tips and tricks should be easy to implement into your daily routine, even if you are already running ragged with little time to spare.