Even though your partner is the one carrying the baby, pregnancy is something the two of you have to go through together. In order to make sure it goes smoothly and ends up being an experience that brings the two of you closer together, it's essential that you offer continual emotional support to your pregnant partner throughout the months ahead. Here are four ways to do that.

Attend midwife appointments -- and participate in the discussion.

With today's busy schedules, it may seem convenient to simply send your partner off to midwife appointments while you tackle other tasks. But, it's really best that the both of you attend these appointments together. Meeting with the midwife is about the mental aspect of pregnancy as well as the physical aspect.

Your midwife can talk the both of you through stressful situations that arise during pregnancy. He or she can give you ways to help when your pregnant partner is feeling nauseous, anxious or worried. Best of all, by coming and being engaged in the discussion, you are showing your pregnant partner that you're there for her and that you can approach this whole pregnancy thing as a team.

Read books about pregnancy together.

Visit your local library, and choose a few books on pregnancy and child rearing to read together. You can both read a chapter, and then discuss it. This will get you talking openly and honestly about the concerns both of you have about pregnancy. It will also give you a better understanding of what your pregnant partner is going through so that when she complains about cramps at 4 in the morning or odd cravings at 10 am, you're not shocked and can focus on accommodating her needs rather than figuring out what's going on.

Take on more responsibilities so she can rest.

In order to thrive emotionally during her pregnancy, your partner will need a little time to focus on herself. Whether she prefers to spend her alone time painting her nails or reading a book, it will help her maintain stability and clarity during this time of big changes. Your role in all of this should be to guarantee that she gets this alone time. Do the dishes a few nights a week so that she can have some extra time to put her feet up. Run the errands she usually runs so that she can stay home and not have to put on uncomfortable pants. Don't pester her when she is having this alone time -- there will be a better time to bring up work, finances, and other stressful topics.

Tell her she is beautiful.

This one really is as simple as it sounds. Telling your pregnant partner that she is beautiful on a regular basis will make the pregnancy so much easier on her on an emotional level. Many women struggle with body image as they go though pregnancy. They fear that the weight they gain will make them ugly, or that being pregnant will cause them to lose control over their looks. These worries can have profound effects. Not only can they stop women from enjoying their pregnancy and the birth of their child like the special time that it is, but they can keep women from eating and caring for themselves properly. By reminding your partner that she is a strong and beautiful person and that her pregnancy only makes her more beautiful, you'll be helping to combat these issues.

If your pregnant partner is struggling emotionally, it is important that the two of you work together to get through these struggles. Talk to your midwife to learn some additional ways you can be there for her, relieving her stress and facing worries as they arise. You can find a midwife by visiting a site like http://www.whallc.com.